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Apartment Block Insurance

At Fusion Insurance, we recognise the distinct requirements of apartment block owners and management companies. Whether you oversee a residential or commercial apartment block, our comprehensive insurance solutions are specifically designed to safeguard your valuable assets.

We know that there are a multitude of factors to consider when selecting the right level of cover for your apartment block. We work through all the fine details with you to provide the optimal coverage options.

Protects the physical structure of the apartment block including common areas. Whether it’s fire damage, vandalism, or storm or flood, this coverage ensures your property is secure.

Covers legal fees and compensation if a third party claims injury, illness, or property damage due to your apartment block. It’s essential for protecting your liability as an owner or manager.

If you employ staff (e.g., caretakers, maintenance personnel), this coverage is crucial. It protects against claims related to employee injuries.

When unforeseen events (such as fire or flood) render your apartments uninhabitable, this cover helps cover lost rental income or provides alternative accommodation for tenants.

Covers machinery, lifts, and other engineering aspects of the apartment block. It ensures smooth operations and timely repairs.

If you serve on the management committee, this coverage protects you against legal claims arising from decisions made in your role.

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